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About MLD

Welcome to MIldred L. Day School!  We are a small community based school located in Arundel, Maine.  We serve approximately 200 students in Grade K-5 and boast one of the best resourced small schools in our state.  We offer a full array of Allied Arts, Social Work services, a full time Guidance Counselor, a full time School Resource Officer, and an education staff that hold our students to high standards while supporting them with love and compassion.  Our school strives to be the heart of the Arundel community, and our school culture could not be more welcoming.  Our school vision states, “ Mildred L. Day is a welcoming learning community built upon respect, responsibility, and perseverance.  Through a purposeful curriculum, Mildred L. Day engages students to become thoughtful, independent learners with an intrinsic drive for excellence.”  If you’d like to learn more about us, please email me.


Gail Keith, Principal


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Gail Keith

Gail Keith

600 Limerick Road
Arundel, ME 04046
Phone: 207.604.5900
Fax: 207.284.5832


For general inquiries please contact the Mildred L. Day office at 207.604.5900 or send an email to